On Whining

In the latest episode of “As The Surreal World of the Presidential Election Turns,” President Obama has weighed in on Donald Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, that the media is out in concert to get him, by exhorting said Trump “to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.”  Bill O’Reilly of all people doubled down and, according to this site, did the prez one better:

On Monday’s Late Show, Bill O’Reilly said that his first piece of advice to Trump would be simple: “Stop whining.”

“He should have a little buzzer, you know, that whenever he whines, they like bahhhn,” O’Reilly added, miming his aides pressing a button. “You know: Stop. Stop.”

Conservative columnist Rick Lowery has no love lost for candidates like Trump who “whine like a spoiled child.”

But anyone who knows a thing about Trump and those of his ilk, anyone who has a Trump-like figure in his own life — well, let me back up…. First, any parent worth his salt knows keenly that an unspoiled child might also whine, for any of a world of reasons, among them for a lack of having the most basic needs fulfilled. Trump is whining because a spoiled adult.

For a tot, on the other hand, whining can be a derivation of crying, and should be heeded with love and attention without any preconceived notion that she is in any way spoiled and hence whining for no good reason (sure, it can be manipulative, but rarely is that always a ‘bad’ thing when it comes to our youngest, and we are still in the dark ages about coming to greater understandings of this – and to quit trying to understand whining as some sort of Manichaean ‘us vs. them’ thing, egads).

Please leave our youngest brethren out of characterizations of Trump boorish tantrums. Please. Dammit.

Plain and simple, Trump is whining like the intolerably spoiled adult that he is.

On Being a ‘Cry Baby’

Another major miff that people have about Trump is that he is a “cry baby” — that when the going gets tough, he blames anyone and everyone but himself, so lacking is he in any semblance of personal responsibility or fault (such is the nature, alas, of extreme narcissists). Somehow he expected to make his way through a bruising presidential campaign being pampered and coddle even by a press with sweeping First Amendment rights.

Salon is among the throngs weighing in on the matter — he’s not just a cry baby but one of the “pitiful” variety.  After Trump makes a racist accusation against an American judge of Mexican descent who is overseeing the case of fraud against Trump University, a Huffington Post piece blares: “Bully Trump Turns Cry Baby.”

He is not a cry baby. He is a ‘cry adult.’ Babies would be insulted to the max that he is lumped with them. They cry for ever so many reasons, all of them fully understandable and justifiable. 

Not only that, babies are bundles of empathy; as I note in The Philosophy of Childing, studies show that when they hear other babies cry, they are the first to try to respond the calls of distress by their tiny compatriots — can you imagine Trump ever doing likewise? No way. He’d do just the opposite — he’d castigate them.

Indeed, he has done just that.

In an incredibly hypocritical case of pot-calling-the-kettle-blackism, Trump himself can’t stand crying babies, and even has gone so far as to have them removed from his events — presumably so their plaintive heartfelt cries, one of their primary and most essential means of communicating to us otherwise clueless adults, don’t drown out said Trump’s endless, self-centered woe-is-me litany.

This is not mere semantics are word games. Children pay a price when the antics of spoiled narcissistic adults like Trump are in any way shape or form connected to the crying or whining of a child.  (I go bonkers whenever I see stories by parenting gurus on how to “cure” a child of whining or crying — as if it is always a “problem” to be “solved”.)

My blood turns cold when I see a parent turn coldly to his own precious child and say “quit your whining or else.” If only adults had a heart, if only they had the empathy of a baby or tot. If only they could and would show Trump how and his like to have one, by being models of empathy like our youngest, who are hard-wired to be sympathizers and empathizes.

If only….