I have seen so many beautiful and touching posts today of siblings who cherish and praise one another.

Wish so much I had a sibling to whom I could also give such panegyrics.

Once upon a time, I did.

Best I can do now is offer up a requiem to a brother older in physical years who once upon a time could rise to the occasion and be a truly stand-up guy. I treasure the handful of memories I have of those times. And I mourn that those times are now so far in the past.

I cannot help but be of glad and full heart, even so.

Because I have two daughters who adore one another; they treasure one another’s company, nurture one another, each the first to come to the other’s defense, but also to gently correct one another when the occasion calls for it.

It is a source of unending joy to watch how they learn from one another, teach one another; to observe that each loves and values the other in a way that makes me grasp for a word that can capture just how extraordinary their love is, and how abiding their commitment to nurturing one another is.

Each has glorious strengths and vulnerabilities that complement the other, and together, they are an unstoppable force.

May that always be so.