Gonna keep hammering this point home until and unless it stops, because it demonstrates the absolute ignorance about and prejudice towards our children and youth, even among the most elite members of the media and press corps.

Here, Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza characterizes President Trump as “a clueless child.”

Cillizza makes his case from Trump’s own aides. But he himself defines a clueless child as “someone who acts on impulse, disregarding the better advice of people who know better.” 

By my take, that represents a clueless person, of any age, not a clueless child. Cillizza should know better. Most adults should know better. These are well-educated people. But they don’t. They don’t know better.

They are clueless about kids and youth. People who describe kids ipso facto as clueless do so on impulse, disregarding the better advice of people who know better — namely, children and youth.

If Cillizza had simply asked, are kids really as clueless as our Commander-in-Chief, and done some investigating — if, in other words, he’d just done a ‘kid in the street interview’ — he’d have found readily that kids are far less clueless than Trump.

What bothers me is no one questions the premise:  is Trump indeed a “clueless child,” or is he in truth an all too clueless adult?

Why in the world bring children into this at all? It’s akin to a parent who scolds a child for no good reason just because a parent has had a bad day and has carte blanche to take it out on his innocent child: “Why me?” the kids asks, hurt to the core.

Why them? Why

Where are the adults standing up for children who are being depicted as clueless just because our President acts without rhyme or reason? Where are the adults who know full well that Trump’s behavior is not at all reflective of a run-of -the-mill child? Where are the adults defending children?

I thought journalists were at least supposed to be skeptical questioners? Why haven’t they weighed in and inveighed against all these attempts to lump our Commander in Chief with the behavior of kids?

The overwhelming majority of kids are not clueless like our President, so leave them alone. They have enough to contend with, what with their lac of rights to self determination, with the many additional hoops they need to go through to be involved in the civic sphere, and the heaps of prejudice against them by even ‘progressive’ adults (including their own parents).

So I’ll just keep hammering this home ad nauseum, unless and until there is a cease and desist among journalists who should know better: our children and youth, by and large, are not are not are not in any way shape or form “clueless” like our President is being characterized.

In fact, by and large, they are quite ‘clueful’ (hey, I invented a new word, like a child would — before being told “that’s not a word”).  They get it. They understand that if we adults are going to quit making a mess of things, we need to get with the program, with their program, and start behaving in a clueful way that’s mindful of the feeling of others – especially, in this instance, of the feelings of kids.

Look, some of us — like this daddy, yours truly — can demonstrate cluelessness at just about any age. But what gets my goat about well-educated reporters like Chris Cillizza is that he equates unthinkingly cluessness with kids – the ‘clueless child.’ Just goes to show how clueless he and his like can be.