I was interviewed today by Geoffrey Riley, host of the public radio program The Jefferson Exchange. Geoff has the best qualities of a child — he’s open, curious, inquisitive.  There used to be a goodly bunch of public radio program hosts of Geoff’s ilk, but now they are fewer and further between as the landscape changes dramatically. I once again made the case (or tried to) that kids deserve a better say in human affairs, that we adults have made a pretty big mess of things throughout history and that kids and youth, with their special powers to reason, empathize, and to be constructive skeptics open to a far wider and more bracing variety of imaginative solutions than we run of the mill adults, would benefit greatly from their input, as equals. The universe itself would be grateful.  But even progressive radio program like Democracy Now wouldn’t think of giving me the time of day, try as I might, to make this point.  Include our most marginalized bloc of citizens, as equals no less? The deadening silence of their ‘response’ speaks volumes, sadly.  But then there are people like Geoff, and his incredibly thoughtful listeners, many of whom shared how their lives have been indelibly touched by the unique stores of wisdom than our youngest have. They are excellent childers, one and all.