Such were the words of Ann Lewis, host of All Sides with Ann Lewis, during my one-hour appearance on her wonderful WOSU public radio program based in Columbus, Ohio. It was really nice, to say the least, that Ann took the time to read The Philosophy of Childing in its entirety, and wonderful that she ‘got’ what the book is all about — how to live, how one should, how to lead a most excellent life, whether one is a parent or childless, at any and every age and state of life.

I think the book cover, of a child with huge glasses (which I didn’t get or give approval on), can mislead folks into thinking it’s a book about parenting, and though of course it is meant to be a huge help to parents, they are by no means the only or even the principal audience.

The philosopher Socrates says in Plato’s Republic that the most important task during our mortal moment is not to explore any chance question, but rather to mine and plumb questions that help us gain insights into “How should I live?”

That’s what my life’s work is all about.