The Book

The Philosophy of Childing: Unlocking Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason through the Wisdom of Our Youngest

Childhood is our primary launching pad, a time of life when learning is more intense than at any other, when we gain the critical knowledge and skills that can help ensure that we remain adaptable. Our unsettling assertion is that with the passage of time we are apt to shrink mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. If we follow what has become an all-too-common course, we denature our original nature—which brims with curiosity, empathy, reason, wonder, and a will to experiment and understand—and we regress, our sense of who we are will become fuzzier and everyone in our orbit will pay a price.

Mounting evidence shows that we begin our lives with a moral, intellectual, and creative bang. Further, childhood isn’t merely a state of becoming, while adulthood is one of being, as if we’ve “arrived” and reached the summit. Our potentially life-changing proposition is that if we embrace the defining qualities of youth, we’re not destined to become frail, dispirited, or unhinged, we’ll grow in a way defined by wonder, curiosity, imaginativeness, playfulness, and compassion—in essence, unlimited potential.

“Phillips, a self-proclaimed Monopoly enthusiast with a penchant for quoting Shakespeare, mediates and gently guides while uncovering or recovering some of the most basic and fundamental joys of being a child, at any age.”

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Chris-Phillips-2011_largeAuthor: Christopher Phillips

From his acclaimed popular yet scholarly works Constitution Cafe: Jefferson’s Brew for a True Revolution, to his philosophy bestsellers like Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy and Six Questions of Socrates: A Modern Day Journey of Discovery through World Philosophy, Phillips is a noted author of works for both adults and children. He blends in timeless philosophical meditations as he recounts his travels across the globe, launching everything from philosophical discussion groups to mini-Constitutional Conventions, designed to stimulate inquiry and forge bonds among diverse participants. These conversations reveal surprising points of intersection between classical philosophy, modern life, and the intellectual richness of societies far removed from Western philosophical tradition.