Me and Cali and the rest of my precious loves arrived harried and frazzled yesterday after an incredibly frenetic trip to the southeast coast for a book presentation and to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

At Washington National Airport after a zany check-in (not to mention a three-hour trip from Newport News through horrendous traffic, every driver zipping along as if on a death wish), Cali and I got to the area near our gate, and passed by an open air restaurant.

She said to me with concern and exasperation, “Daddy, every single person is on a phone or tablet or computer. No one is talking to one another.” She spread her hands wide, “How can you ever have good conversation??”

Paydirt for a meaningful Socrates Cafe. We sat down and had it at with a quick but meaningful session of Socratizing, which I’ve now posted on Youtube.

But what I hope is appreciated here is that the question about good and healthy communication and connection and encounter among humans was raised by my 9-year-old’s acute observations of what was happening in her surroundings as we flitted past these people on our own hurried way, and her spontaneous ‘interrogative outcry’ — an outcry that she could not help but share, because of the intense feeling she experienced when she witnessed all these people physically together in terms of proximity, and yet worlds apart in the ways that mattered and counted.

She ‘childs’ me, this perceptive soul, and hopefully she’ll further you along on your own childing journey.